Dynasty Universe
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$155 Raised

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  • Tier 50$ 4-Create your own coustom race exclusive to your key only with its own unique back story along with transformations
  • Coustom race form
  • Tier 30$ 3-Unlock all races and classes(Permanent)

  • Tier 25$ 2-Asses(See full stats),Colorize,Special materialize,3500 starting RPP and Start with Custom buff(Allows you to make a buff with your own stats choices along with appearance

  • Tier 20$ 1-Start with 3500 RPP(3000 2nd time,2500 3rd time,2000 4th etc)and get the special materialize skill
  • Tier 10$ 0-permanently unlock One race of your choice to your key(Except Player exclusive coustom races)